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The Honolulu Pet Clinic The Honolulu Pet Clinic

Phone: (808) 593‑9336
Address: 1115 Young Street, Honolulu, HI

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Wellness and Preventative Care for every pet

Just like humans, pet’s needs change as they age. Since animals age a lot more quickly than we do, it is necessary and important to take them for regular checkups. The Honolulu Pet Clinic offers a variety of wellness and preventative practices to monitor your pet through every stage of life. Annual or semi-annual wellness exams are an important care regimen that can help your pet live their best life.

Wellness Exam

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Pain shows up in many ways that might not concern you unless you know what to look for: hiding, drooling, loss of appetite, diminished interest in walks or jumping up to a favorite lounging spot, increased clinginess, increased aggression and more. Regular wellness exams give us the chance to make sure your pet is indeed healthy and is not in pain.

What you can expect in a wellness check up is an extensive and comprehensive nose-to-tail exam that monitors:

  • Pain
  • Body condition and weight
  • Dental and oral health
  • Eyes and ears
  • Heart and lungs
  • Skin and haircoat
  • Joint health and muscle condition
  • Neurological function
  • Urinary and reproductive systems
  • Abdomen and internal organs
  • Lymph nodes and other glands
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When it comes to keeping your pet healthy and safe, there’s nothing more effective than regular checkups. Call us today to schedule your pet's visit.