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The Honolulu Pet Clinic The Honolulu Pet Clinic

Phone: (808) 593‑9336
Address: 1115 Young Street, Honolulu, HI

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Welcome to The Honolulu Pet Clinic!

At The Honolulu Pet Clinic, we are grateful and honored to care for your pet and want to make each visit as comfortable as possible. We are a carefully selected team of animal-lovers chosen for our ability and desire to honor our mission statement of Always Do Right By the Pet. You might see our mission statement in a simple gesture like carrying your pet to your car, or something critical like knowing how to perform the safest customized anesthesia for your pet’s surgical procedure.

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AAHA® Accreditation


We have proudly chosen to maintain our American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA®) accreditation for more than twenty-five years. We are part of a group of only 12-15 percent of animal hospitals throughout the United States and Canada who have this accreditation. Our clients can be sure that we adhere to the highest standards of care in everything we do.

An AAHA consultant comes to The Honolulu Pet Clinic every three years to ensure we are still maintaining their standards on approximately 900 aspects of veterinary care. We are one of just eight clinics to receive AAHA accreditation on Oahu and we just earned another three years of AAHA accreditation in December 2018.

Our Promise to You

Our mission statement is “Always do right by the pet,” and we honor this in everything we do. With clinic hours seven days a week and 24/7 emergency on-call care, we are always available to offer your pets top-notch care when they need it. We want you and your pet to feel like one of our family.

As a full-service facility dedicated to providing individualized medical care for cats, dogs, and other small animals, our clinic is equipped with modern healthcare treatments and high-end technology. Our practice serves pet families from many local and not-so-local communities across Honolulu and surrounding areas.

We know it can be scary when your pet is not feeling well, and we pride ourselves in creating a cozy and safe environment in which to care for your pet.


So who are we exactly?

We are a very diverse team united by one very important quality: the skill and the desire to always do right by your pet. Our big-hearted crew of Hawaii natives and mainlanders includes:

  • Patty at reception, our 25-year clinic veteran who knows what you and your pet need from the moment she sees you turn into our driveway
  • Dr. Hsu who has 11 cats, 1 dog and 19 years of emergency and critical care experience
  • Dr. Barrett, a Hawaii native certified in veterinary rehab and acupuncture to provide both care and pain management for your pets
  • Yarnie, a 6 year clinic veteran who leads the technician team and specializes in critical care for our hospitalized patients
  • Ayaka, a registered veterinary technician who is fluent in both Japanese and English

Meet Our Team
“2/28/2020 9:30 p.m. and my kitty has been sick for 24 hours. She's about 18, and I am so worried that this is really going to be it... throwing up, not drinking, eating, just laying still. Very little response. It's critical to get her in to get her hydrated and figure out what is going on. And it was a weekend. Called the emergency number, and Dr. Hsu responded right away! Come in, he said, meet me in 20 minutes. By midnight, he'd evaluated her, administered injections to hydrate, and taken critical tests to see if her systems had begun shutting down... he checked her over thoroughly, determined that she was having a reaction to the new food we'd given, but also noted that she had an ear infection that we needed to address! Long story short, cut out the bs holistic organic high-dollar food we'd switched to, returned to her regular grocery store brand she was used to, got her ears on a cleaning regimen, and she's purring like a kitten! Dr. Hsu came in and reassured us, did the right testing, took care of our baby, and is just an awesome person all the way around!!! And he took the time to educate us, both in care and follow-up, on the right things to do... like bringing our baby in when she is so dehydrated, no matter what time it is. We are grateful, because had we waited, the outcome may have not been so good. Thank you, Dr. Hsu!!!”
— Beth H.
“7/19/2019 Dr Hsu has a deep love for dogs of all sizes. He has taken care of my girl through ongoing allergy problems. He always spends the time to make sure his patients' needs are met and they leave with what they need. We started seeing Dr Hsu about 2 years ago. Especially for something like allergies, he's a great vet”
— Lina R.
“ I was referred to Dr. Hsu from a close friend of mine and after my first visit, I will only go here! His staff are very sweet, attentive to my concerns about my pet, and their floors are always clean when I visit! In the waiting area, no dirt, no fur, and after every appointment I see the staff immediately clean and disinfect each exam room. I called and the wait for the Veterinarians were not that long of a wait depending on the time of the year. Its such a nice one stop place for my pets heartworm/ flea medicine, as well as PetCo is right around the corner! I had called not to long ago to see Dr. Hsu due to my dog having a strange cough. The receptionist, Patty and Jessica, were able to squeeze me in last minute to ease my mind. Dr. Hsu is also very kind and has such a way with animals! Although certain procedures can be uncomfortable for some pets, his techniques and knowledge totally reassures me and my pet. Forever grateful for this clinic!”
— Micaela P.
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At The Honolulu Clinic, we believe in always doing right by your pet, in the safest, gentlest way possible. Specially formulated cat and dog calming scents are placed throughout our clinic. Each team member who interacts with your pet spends time getting to know them and will proceed at your pet's pace. We will take a break if your pet is showing signs of stress.

We follow up with you within 24-48 hours of each visit to make sure your pet is doing well. We know how easy it is to forget to ask all your questions at a doctor's visit so this allows us to address any additional questions you might have. For test results, we call you whether the result is positive or negative so you don’t have to worry about a missed test result.

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