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The Honolulu Pet Clinic The Honolulu Pet Clinic

Phone: (808) 593‑9336
Address: 1115 Young Street, Honolulu, HI

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Welcome to The Honolulu Pet Clinic!

At The Honolulu Pet Clinic, we are grateful and honored to care for your pet and want to make each visit as comfortable as possible. We are a carefully selected team of animal-lovers chosen for our ability and desire to honor our mission statement of Always Do Right By the Pet. You might see our mission statement in a simple gesture like carrying your pet to your car, or something critical like knowing how to perform the safest customized anesthesia for your pet’s surgical procedure.

AAHA® Accreditation


We have proudly chosen to maintain our American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA®) accreditation for more than twenty-five years. We are part of a group of only 12-15 percent of animal hospitals throughout the United States and Canada who have this accreditation. Our clients can be sure that we adhere to the highest standards of care in everything we do.

An AAHA consultant comes to The Honolulu Pet Clinic every three years to ensure we are still maintaining their standards on approximately 900 aspects of veterinary care. We are one of just eight clinics to receive AAHA accreditation on Oahu and we just earned another three years of AAHA accreditation in early 2023.

Our Promise to You

Our mission statement is “Always do right by the pet,” and we honor this in everything we do. With clinic hours seven days a week and 24/7 emergency on-call care, we are always available to offer your pets top-notch care when they need it. We want you and your pet to feel like one of our family.

As a full-service facility dedicated to providing individualized medical care for cats, dogs, and other small animals, our clinic is equipped with modern healthcare treatments and high-end technology. Our practice serves pet families from many local and not-so-local communities across Honolulu and surrounding areas.

We know it can be scary when your pet is not feeling well, and we pride ourselves in creating a cozy and safe environment in which to care for your pet.


So who are we exactly?

We are a diverse group united by two essential qualities: the desire AND the skill to always do right by your pet. Our big-hearted crew of Hawaii natives and mainlanders includes:

  • Patty at reception, our almost 30-year veteran clinic veteran who knows what you and your pet need from the moment she sees you turn into our driveway
  • Dr. Hsu who has 9 cats and 25 years of emergency and critical care experience
  • Dr. Barrett, a Hawaii native certified in veterinary rehab, acupuncture, and nutrition to provide both care and pain management for your pets
  • Yarnie, a 9 year clinic veteran who leads the technician team and specializes in critical care for our hospitalized patients
  • Ayaka, a registered veterinary technician who is fluent in both Japanese and English

Meet Our Team
“Dr. Hsu patiently goes through my options with me during after hours and convinces me to not go to urgent care, not have him come in and wait to see him in the morning. I'm grateful to have people I go to and who I trust when my fur baby needs it. You guys are very hard to book with when busy but I mean, why wouldn't you be when you are THAT great. Thank you truly. Dr. Hsu is the voice of reason behind the worry and scare that you feel with your pet in pain. Breathe, you're in good hands!”
— Shannen W.
“8/24/2020 How lucky we are to have this crew in Honolulu, We heard so many nice things about this place and they didn't disappoint us. Dr. Hsu is beyond amazing, wow.....he is so friendly, smart and totally takes his time with you.”
— Nikki R.
“We're so blessed to have found Drs Hsu and Barrett. They've seen me through terrible grief and immeasurable happiness. I'm truly grateful for the entire staff. I wish them all good things. ❤ you! Annie, Arlo and heavenly Bare Bear.”
— Annie B.
“ The HNL Pet Clinic is a cut above the rest. It's obvious they r all animal lovers but they r also people lovers. They care about my feelings and my pocketbook. They tell me the changes before incurred to ensure that I know the costs. It's expensive to own a pet and keep up with regular visits. They know me as soon as I walk in he door. They have awesome hours and plenty of parking. Their place is spotless with no unpleasant smells. All the staff r professionally dressed and so friendly. All three vets give me a full description of what they r doing and why. They allow me to make decisions after they give me the full review. They have a lab right in the clinic so u get speedy blood test results. When I call ahead staff is happy to check whether my Rx or pet food is in stock to avoid an unnecessary trip. They r open 7 days a week.”
— CJ M.
“6 years later, my great rating still stands. A year ago I adopted two kittens from Lucky Paws Animal Foundation and established care at HPC. The standards of the clinic is still high and exceeds expectations. Front staff are always pleasant, great customer service with a smile. Our appointment went smooth and Dr. Hsu was very thorough with the cats and their care, especially all the questions to determine the status of their health. Will continue to recommend this clinic.”
— Magi D.
“I am the proud owner of a true feral cat who never had a home until mine. She's been with me the last three years but it's been very hard to get her to the vet as a result of her background. I recently switched vets and went to Dr. Ed at HPC and am so grateful I did. He has done wonders with my baby in just one visit; prior to him , she had to be sedated at the old vet, to get her nails cut. Dr. Ed picked her up ,put her in his lap , and proceeded to cut all 20 nails in minutes. I now call him the cat whisperer :))... his entire staff at HPC is as awesome as he - from the front desk to the vet techs and everybody in between. These people are truly concerned with animals which is how a vet and his staff should be. My cat and I are eternally thankful to HPC.”
— Michelle A
“Once again I have to praise this clinic from top to bottom!- quality care, great customer service, professional, courteous, and very reasonable/transparent with pricing. The best part is that they always say "we're just doing our job" - but based on my experiences with other clinics...this has become surprisingly hard to find these days on Oahu. So thankful I've found Dr. Hsu and this clinic.”
— Nate L.
“I can't speak highly enough about my experience with this clinic as I was taking care of all my puppy's vaccinations, treatment, and procedures in getting him ready to travel to Europe. Knowledgable, skillful, professional, efficient, empathetic, clean, and friendly are all words that come to mind. I am happy to recommend the clinic, all of the staff, to anyone. ”
— Scarlett Z.
“3/27/2020 3 photos Took our new puppy Panko to see Dr. Edward Hsu today, he was so amazing and thorough in making the right recommendations for our pup. Prices were reasonable too! For the first wellness visit, we learned so much- about puppy food, vaccinations,training, and were reassured that our puppy is healthy. I truly feel that our puppy is in really good hands. I cancelled our appointment to our other, far-away-from-town vet clinic because I know that Panko is at home here. There were COVID19 precautions- the friendly staff (thanks Paige!) took our pup into the exam room from the parking lot, and you can stay in your car/ on the bench/chairs outside if you'd like. Then, the staff will come outside frequently to update you and the Vet will also come outside to let you know his assessment/recommendations. There was also another staff member that talked to us in-depth regarding follow-up appointments and other recommendations, but I didn't catch her name. Thank you so much for helping us!! There is a really great team here. They work well together and Dr.Hsu is trustworthy. He took the time to explain to us what we needed to know and let us know he is here for us. I've had really bad experiences with many vet clinics in the past, but I have a lot of faith with the staff and clinic here at the Honolulu Pet Clinic!”
— Haru K.
“Dr Hsu and his staff have gone WAY above and beyond so many times for us and our animals. They made my cat's last year as comfortable as possible. They handle my dog's antics with amazing patience. Today they helped me find the owners of a lost dog. The staff is always exceptionally friendly and Dr Hsu is knowledgeable, thorough, and totally unphased by the fact that my dog is kind of a jerk to him. We've seen a couple of Dr Hsu's partners when he's been out and they've been great as well. ”
— Anna G.
“Ed Hsu comfortably prolonged our kitty Lily's life by a year and a half beyond when anyone would've thought she could have lived she really wanted that extra time with us as we did with her. I don't know any vet who loves animals more. Well worth the investment.”
— Jenn L.
“We cannot say enough good things about the staff at this clinic that helped us by immediately rushing Science Diet CD food for our cat who was prescribed this food by our Doctor Eric Jayne on Moloka'i. After repeated denials by other vets in Honolulu who insisted our cat be transported to their clinic. Dr. Ed Hsu, VMD at The Honolulu Pet Clinic rushed this necessary food to us on this small island. Dr. Hsu's staff's efforts and compassion for well being of our cat is greatly appreciated.”
— Juliana
“ Dr. Hsu and staff are helpful, informative, empathetic and positive. We trust the team with our 2 little ones. We have been coming to Honolulu Pet Clinic for over 15 years when it was Dr. Kondo. Emma loves to say hello to Patti at the front desk. They are welcoming, friendly and accommodating.”
— Sean W.
“Highly recommend the Honolulu pet clinic because from the doctors to the staff, this is where you want to take your fur babies. They've become my family.”
— Elle E.
“7/12/2020 Everyone at the clinic is very attentive and caring from the receptionists to the technicians to Dr Hsu. I've had 2 of my elderly cats in Dr Hsu's care and found that he takes care to properly diagnose their issues and carefully explains to me what he thinks is going on. He is very responsive including when I needed him well after hours "when it was time" for my dear friend to end her suffering. He has brought my other cat back from the brink after using up two of her ives and now she seems well on her way using her remaining lives much more slowly and happily. And I am so happy to hear her purring again!”
— Diane I.
“ I have been coming here with my 2 dogs for almost 2 years now. They are always so kind and care so much for the dogs. That said we lost our 15 year old Pom last week and that care and respect was so amazing in our time of need. The staff sent the most beautiful card to our home expressing their sympathy for our loss. Truly brought me to tears! Thank you Honolulu Pet Clinic for all you do for Louis and all you did for my sweet Daisy.”
— Keith C.
“3/2/2020 I can't say enough about the staff and Dr. Hsu. Like other reviewers have mentioned, everyone who works there is so kind and caring. Dr. Hsu kissed my cat the first time he met him and I was so touched. You can tell that he and his staff genuinely care about all the pets who become their patients. Dr. Hsu is patient and compassionate with the human parents as well. You will not be disappointed if you choose this clinic for your fur-baby. A bonus is that they also board pets which helps us when we go on trips, and they take excellent care of them. Thank you to the entire staff at The Honolulu Pet Clinic.”
— Amy F.
“We brought our newest family member to the Honolulu Pet Clinic, and the care he received was compassionate and thorough! I very HIGHLY recommend the professionals at Honolulu Pet Clinic to anyone who wants to be certain, in their heart of hearts, that their four legged family member will be treated compassionately and professionally during a time that it matters most.”
— Gregory M.
“The Honolulu Pet Clinic has been my vet clinic since I adopted a cat from the Humane Society a few years ago and was a first-time pet owner. I really like going there; we've continued to bring our cat there even after moving out of the neighborhood.”
— Leah L.
“There are no 2 better and caring Doctors than Dr. Kondo and Dr. Hsu !!!!!! The Staff treats my Boo Boo like a Princess!!!! TOTAL LOVE!!!! There are no words I can say to explain how these people care for our children!!! Boo Boo and I Love the Honolulu Pet Clinic. They are part of our family!”
— Mark H
“We have been coming to Honolulu Pet Clinic for over 12 years! Everyone is friendly, accommodating and informative. We trust them with our Emma and Ho'olei!”
— Sean W.
“7/19/2019 Dr Hsu has a deep love for dogs of all sizes. He has taken care of my girl through ongoing allergy problems. He always spends the time to make sure his patients' needs are met and they leave with what they need. We started seeing Dr Hsu about 2 years ago. Especially for something like allergies, he's a great vet”
— Lina R.
“From start to finish it was exactly what people should expect. Front desk was very communicative and helpful. Prices were discussed ahead of time. There weren't any "bait and switch" or nickel and dimming tactics. And the BEST part, we could actually go in the clinic with our dog and could discuss things with the bet staff in person while in the exam room. Communication is so vital for good quality care.”
— Nate L.
“2/28/2020 9:30 p.m. and my kitty has been sick for 24 hours. She's about 18, and I am so worried that this is really going to be it... throwing up, not drinking, eating, just laying still. Very little response. It's critical to get her in to get her hydrated and figure out what is going on. And it was a weekend. Called the emergency number, and Dr. Hsu responded right away! Come in, he said, meet me in 20 minutes. By midnight, he'd evaluated her, administered injections to hydrate, and taken critical tests to see if her systems had begun shutting down... he checked her over thoroughly, determined that she was having a reaction to the new food we'd given, but also noted that she had an ear infection that we needed to address! Long story short, cut out the bs holistic organic high-dollar food we'd switched to, returned to her regular grocery store brand she was used to, got her ears on a cleaning regimen, and she's purring like a kitten! Dr. Hsu came in and reassured us, did the right testing, took care of our baby, and is just an awesome person all the way around!!! And he took the time to educate us, both in care and follow-up, on the right things to do... like bringing our baby in when she is so dehydrated, no matter what time it is. We are grateful, because had we waited, the outcome may have not been so good. Thank you, Dr. Hsu!!!”
— Beth H.
“Everyone there has a great attitude and they thoroughly explain everything to you including the cost. No pressure to get or do any of the services suggested. My pup and I are here to stay with Honolulu Pet Clinic!!!!”
— Aneisa D.
“This clinic saved my dog's life. Trilby is fantastic, Patty is fantastic, Sean is fantastic, Dr. Hsu is fantastic! Everyone here is just top notch. My dog was down to almost half his normal weight and refusing to eat. I carried in a listless, exhausted dog with no appetite and after 2 nights with Dr. Hsu, he looked a thousand times better than when VCA had discharged him after 3 nights. I am so grateful to everyone at THPC involved in my sweet boy's recovery. He's now back to his normal weight!”
— Brooke M.
“9/2/2019 Dr. Hsu is the best Vet I have come across in a very long time! My Doggie Daughter, Keona, was having an issue where she would not stay in one place to do a 'Number 2'. I was praying that it was not something serious. I went onto the Honolulu Pet Clinic's website via Yelp and read Dr. Hsu's Bio and immediately felt that he was the doctor for my child. During our office visit, he explained to us that Keona was having back problems due to her age (she is 8) and prescribed Galliprant for her osteoarthritis pain. That was 2 weeks ago. She is now acting like a true Jack Russell - HYPER AND BOSSY!!! LOL!!! The fees for his services were very reasonable and I should also mention that the staff at Honolulu Pet Clinic are so carrying and professional. They are the best!”
— Eduardo D.
“2/20/2020 Extremely reasonable vet that listens! After seeing five vets for my dog that was having seizures for three years, Dr. Hsu was the only vet that saw that performing more and more procedures (at a higher and higher cost) was likely not going to yield any results and agreed to a plan to take her OFF meds which seems to have been working so far. He didn't even want to perform blood work which has always cost me over $500 every 6 months in the past. Amazing and completely mind-blowing! Completely recommend this vet!”
— Jennifer H.
“Today was the first time I took my dog to the Honolulu pet clinic. Everyone there was really nice and professional. My dog needed a lot of preventive maintenance and I figured it was going to cost an arm and a leg. The doctor gave me many different options and I left there still having money in my pocket. I definitely recommend the Honolulu pet clinic.”
— Chad S.
“If you don't bring your pets here then you're wasting yours and your pets' time. All the doctors here are fantastic. The staff are super friendly and helpful. I have had so many questions and they have able to answer them all. They do offer military discounts which is nice. But most importantly they treat everyone like family and they remembered us every single time we called and came in. They would regularly check-in on our dogs. I wish I could pack them up and take them with us wherever we go!”
— Welby C.
“Under new ownership. Dr Hsu is a very experienced and qualified veterinarian. Also, his staff is loving and kind. We recently moved from the Big Island and needed a new veterinary home. They welcomed us very graciously. They handled my cat as though he was the most precious animal in the world. (He is). And they called to follow up and see how he was doing. Very high marks!!”
— Sarah H.
“Every single employee I have interacted with on several visits has treated myself and other patrons and pets like beloved family. My pets needs always came first and I am forever grateful for that. I couldn't have gone through that horrible time without the help of the folks at Honolulu Pet Clinic. I will be bringing the rest of my pets there for life and have referred several friends and all have loved them. Highly recommend!”
— Chelsea K.
“Thank you very much for all the compassion and trust and kindness at your clinic. We have a german shepherd at 18 years old it's very unusual, Dr. Meghan Barrett is probably the best doctor I have ever seen in my life. She is not just knowledgeable and a great doctor but has many specialties on animals. We only trust this clinic and her to take our family member Sunny. We cant be more thankful to find such an incredible doctor in the island!”
— Aiden Y.
“11/11/2019 I am very happy with the services received for my two Schipperkes. They were well taken care of. My dogs seemed very relaxed there. They are normally uptight and barking constantly. This was a great visit I will definitely go back!!”
— Joey D.
“ We have 5 pets ( 2 dogs and 3 pets) and we recently moved to Honolulu. 4 of the 5 are senior and 2 have ongoing veterinary treatment and care so it was important for us to establish care here on the island. We tried one very popular vet clinic in the neighborhood but we did not feel welcomed so we looked for another option. We called the Honolulu Pet clinic and the entire staff was great from the beginning to the end, very attentive on the phone and in person, we got same day appointment, they were efficient getting records from mainland and the visit was very thorough. Dr. Barrett and her staff listened to our needs and were able to provide loving care and service to 2 of the most senior pets we took that day. Dr. Barrett is comprehensive in her exam and she truly cares, trying to find alternative traditional and holistic interventions to assist with the care of our pets so that they can have the best quality of life; you can tell she loves what she does.We would highly recommend this clinic to anyone. We look forward in having our four pawed family members cared for on the island by this awesome team.”
— TZ.
“I have been taking my cats to this vet clinic for years! Ive been to many others prior (so gross smelling of urine and dirty) that were horrible, to finally having found this gem. Dr. Tsu really has a passion for animals and treats them like his own. Love the fact that he has 12 cats at home too! Office is very clean, staff awesome. They offer various pet food selections, flea meds., and others things like Feliway. Parking is a bit tight but every time I been here there is always a stall open. And the a.c. is very cold so bring your pet a blanket. They even walked me to the car with an umbrella when it was raining! If i could give 10 stars I would:)”
— Cynthia H
“This place will always be my vet. I've been taking my cat here for YEARS. I had to take him in for an emergency due to urine crystals, and I've been going back to honolulu pet clinic since. They've always given the best treatment and advice for continue care. Moving to the mainland and getting my cat's vaccination/health certificate was very easy (call ahead of time in case they're booked). I'm sad to be moving away, but I wouldn't recommend ANY other vet on Oahu. Thank you Ed Hsu, Patty and the rest of the team for always making the vet a pleasant experience. Moomoo and I will miss you guys!”
— Minji P.
“ 7/15/2020 I took my dog there because he was having some issue with his teeth/gum. The staff there were all very very nice and made me and my dog feel comfortable. Because of this corona virus situation right now, I had to wait outside while the doctor was checking him. One of the staff brought me a chair and put it in the shade for me to sit The doctor came out later and explained how his teeth/gum is and also the types of procedures available to fix it. He was also very nice. Also the important thing is that my dog, who usually needs to be with me all the time, never looked back when he was taken inside without me!! He then came back all happy. I'm coming back there in a week to have my dog's teeth pulled out. I'm pretty sure they will do a great job! Thank you guys for all your hard work! ”
— Amelie
“ I was referred to Dr. Hsu from a close friend of mine and after my first visit, I will only go here! His staff are very sweet, attentive to my concerns about my pet, and their floors are always clean when I visit! In the waiting area, no dirt, no fur, and after every appointment I see the staff immediately clean and disinfect each exam room. I called and the wait for the Veterinarians were not that long of a wait depending on the time of the year. Its such a nice one stop place for my pets heartworm/ flea medicine, as well as PetCo is right around the corner! I had called not to long ago to see Dr. Hsu due to my dog having a strange cough. The receptionist, Patty and Jessica, were able to squeeze me in last minute to ease my mind. Dr. Hsu is also very kind and has such a way with animals! Although certain procedures can be uncomfortable for some pets, his techniques and knowledge totally reassures me and my pet. Forever grateful for this clinic!”
— Micaela P.
“7/16/2020 absolutely love honolulu pet clinic! all the staff are just an absolute pleasure. from the staff that answers the phones, to the front desk, the vet techs and all the doctors. they take wonderful care of me and my pet. they are thorough and knowledgeable, always patient and take there time answering my questions and examining my pet. as long as i live on this island, they will have my pet as a patient.”
— Stephany T.
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At The Honolulu Clinic, we believe in always doing right by your pet, in the safest, gentlest way possible. Specially formulated cat and dog calming scents are placed throughout our clinic. Each team member who interacts with your pet spends time getting to know them and will proceed at your pet's pace. We will take a break if your pet is showing signs of stress.

We follow up with you within 24-48 hours of each visit to make sure your pet is doing well. We know how easy it is to forget to ask all your questions at a doctor's visit so this allows us to address any additional questions you might have. For test results, we call you whether the result is positive or negative so you don’t have to worry about a missed test result.

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