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The Honolulu Pet Clinic The Honolulu Pet Clinic

Phone: (808) 593‑9336
Address: 1115 Young Street, Honolulu, HI

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Pet Care Referrals

At The Honolulu Pet Clinic, we know that being a devoted pet parent involves a whole lot more than just vet visits. That's why we confidently recommend Alex Fryer and her dedicated team at The Furry Ohana.

Whether it's ensuring your beloved pet gets their daily exercise, providing overnight care, arranging enrichment visits, or assisting with transportation to vet appointments, The Furry Ohana offers customized and skilled support.

With over six years of experience in pet care and a degree in Animal Science, Alex is exceptionally qualified. Many of our pet parents, as well as our own staff, rely on her team’s expertise for their pets' needs.

For more information about Alex Fryer and The Furry Ohana, visit her website.