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Pet Care Services at The Honolulu Pet Clinic


Here at The Honolulu Pet Clinic, our vet team has dedicated itself to bringing you the highest standards and widest range of pet care services we possibly can.

Veterinarian Services in Honolulu

Whether your pets see Dr. Hsu, Dr. Kondo or Dr. Pearson, you'll be glad they have access to such important and beneficial services as:

  • Adult/Senior Wellness Care - Wellness is the key to a long and happy life for your pet. We provide annual wellness exams for adult animals that cover every aspect of their health and function -- while also providing pest/parasite control, vaccination updates and other essentials. Senior wellness care can detect and treat age-related illnesses and disorders.
  • Puppy/Kitty Healthy Start Exams - Puppies and kittens are especially vulnerable to diseases. Our Healthy Start Exams provide them with their initial round of vaccinations as well as de-worming, advice to owners, and a variety of other checks and procedures to ensure optimal growth and development.
  • Heartworm Treatment - Heartworm is a deadly infestation of the heart and lungs. We offer annual heartworm screenings and preventative medications to keep your pet clear of these destructive worms.
  • Diagnostics - The Honolulu Pet Clinic is proud to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic services such as digital X-rays (including digital dental X-rays), which create highly detailed images that can be viewed and shared instantly while exposing your pet to less radiation than the traditional film method.
  • Dental Care - Good dental health is critical for good overall health. Your veterinarian can perform regular checkups to look for oral cancer, gum disease or other problems that require care. Professional teeth cleaning enables us to get rid of the tartar that attracts destructive bacteria.
  • Surgery - When your pet needs surgery, trust The Honolulu Pet Clinic. Your veterinarian can perform many different kinds of procedures, from standard spaying and neutering to tumor removal, dental surgery and orthopedic repairs.
  • Emergency Animal Services - Our vet clinic is ready to help when an emergency strikes. We can provide immediate treatment for heat stroke, traumatic injuries, bloats and foreign body ingestion, urinary obstructions and other dangerous situations.
  • In-Clinic Pharmacy - You shouldn't have to run a separate errand just to pick up the medication your pet needs. We keep our in-house pharmacy well stocked to make your life (and your pet's life) a lot easier.
  • Pet Boarding - Whether you're away for half a day or an extended vacation, we can make sure your pet remains safe and sound. Our boarding services include separate dog and cat boarding areas, exercise runs, premium food and special medical care as needed.
  • Behavioral Counseling - Our vet team can figure out why your pet is misbehaving and advise you on training and other techniques to help him become a model member of the family.

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If your Honolulu pet is in need of any of the services mentioned above, call (808) 600-3099 for an appointment at our clinic. If you an animal related emergency after 5pm, please call (808) 988-2188. We're here to serve!