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  • ""I can't say enough about the staff and Dr. Hsu. Like other reviewers have mentioned, everyone who works there is so kind and caring. Dr. Hsu kissed my cat the first time he met him and I was so touched. You can tell that he and his staff genuinely care about all the pets who become their patients. Dr. Hsu is patient and compassionate with the human parents as well. You will not be disappointed if you choose this clinic for your fur-baby. A bonus is that they also board pets which helps us when we go on trips, and they take excellent care of them. Thank you to the entire staff at The Honolulu Pet Clinic.""
    Amy F.
  • "Called the emergency number, and Dr. Hsu responded right away! By midnight, he'd evaluated her, administered injections to hydrate, and taken critical tests to see if her systems had begun shutting down... he checked her over thoroughly, determined that she was having a reaction to the new food we'd given, but also noted that she had an ear infection that we needed to address!

    Long story short, cut out the bs holistic organic high-dollar food we'd switched to, returned to her regular grocery store brand she was used to, got her ears on a cleaning regimen, and she's purring like a kitten! Dr. Hsu came in and reassured us, did the right testing, took care of our baby, and is just an awesome person all the way around!!! And he took the time to educate us, both in care and follow-up, on the right things to do. We are grateful, because had we waited, the outcome may have not been so good.

    Thank you, Dr. Hsu!!!"
    Beth H.
  • ""Extremely reasonable vet that listens! After seeing five vets for my dog that was having seizures for three years, Dr. Hsu was the only vet that saw that performing more and more procedures (at a higher and higher cost) was likely not going to yield any results and agreed to a plan to take her OFF meds which seems to have been working so far. He didn't even want to perform blood work which has always cost me over $500 every 6 months in the past. Amazing and completely mind-blowing! Completely recommend this vet!""
    Jennifer H.
  • "From the moment my dog and I arrived, the staff welcomed us in very well with enthusiasm and care. They enjoyed meeting my dog and made sure we were taken care of. The Vet Technicians were very knowledgeable and the Veterinarian that saw my dog was very thorough, patient, and very kind. She was easy to talk to and provided plenty of options for care. I am glad to finally have found a vet that I feel comfortable bringing my dog back to."
    Braden J.
  • "I went to this clinic b/c it was the closest to my home. I'm very glad I did! I had a wonderful experience. Everyone was extremely friendly and attentive to my cats needs. Mahalo!"
    Sue B.
  • "Ever since we adopted 2 kittens of 7 weeks old, The Honolulu Pet Clinic has been the place for all services/treatments.

    Dr. Hsu is incredibly great with them, treat them like his own!
    Dr. Kondo also treated them and he is a great doctor as well.
    And everyone at the Clinic is very sweet, plite, efficient, and accurate.

    We are happy everytime we go there. Fortunately, we've never had to bring ours for urgent care, but at one time, we were told that Dr. Hsu will respond when the need arises, so always carry the # to call. We do.

    The Clinic is very good with keeping the schedule, flexible hours, and pre-appointment confirmation, and post treatment followup calls.

    Very clean, easy access, comfortable, professional and reliable place for your pets. We strongly recomment them."
  • "Dr. Hsu is the best Vet I have come across in a very long time! My Doggie Daughter, Keona, was having an issue where she would not stay in one place to do a 'Number 2'. I was praying that it was not something serious. I went onto the Honolulu Pet Clinic's website via Yelp and read Dr. Hsu's Bio and immediately felt that he was the doctor for my child. During our office visit, he explained to us that Keona was having back problems due to her age (she is 8) and prescribed Galliprant for her osteoarthritis pain. That was 2 weeks ago. She is now acting like a true Jack Russell - HYPER AND BOSSY!!! LOL!!! The fees for his services were very reasonable and I should also mention that the staff at Honolulu Pet Clinic are so carrying and professional. They are the best!"
  • "The HNL Pet Clinic is a cut above the rest. It's obvious they r all animal lovers but they r also people lovers. They care about my feelings and my pocketbook. They tell me the changes before incurred to ensure that I know the costs. It's expensive to own a pet and keep up with regular visits. They know me as soon as I walk in he door. They have awesome hours and plenty of parking. Their place is spotless with no unpleasant smells. All the staff r professionally dressed and so friendly. All three vets give me a full description of what they r doing and why. They allow me to make decisions after they give me the full review. They have a lab right in the clinic so u get speedy blood test results. When I call ahead staff is happy to check whether my Rx or pet food is in stock to avoid an unnecessary trip. They r open 7 days a week."
  • "I was referred to Dr. Hsu from a close friend of mine and after my first visit, I will only go here! His staff are very sweet, attentive to my concerns about my pet, and their floors are always clean when I visit! In the waiting area, no dirt, no fur, and after every appointment I see the staff immediately clean and disinfect each exam room.
    I called and the wait for the Veterinarians were not that long of a wait depending on the time of the year. Its such a nice one stop place for my pets heartworm/ flea medicine, as well as PetCo is right around the corner!
    I had called not to long ago to see Dr. Hsu due to my dog having a strange cough. The receptionist, Patty and Jessica, were able to squeeze me in last minute to ease my mind. Dr. Hsu is also very kind and has such a way with animals! Although certain procedures can be uncomfortable for some pets, his techniques and knowledge totally reassures me and my pet.
    Forever grateful for this clinic!"
  • "It was a Saturday afternoon when my baby girl began having a bad asthma attack. She had not had one so severe in a while so we couldn't find her usual inhaler and had no other means to help her breathe. Of course, this had to happen on a Saturday when our usual vet was closed and we called around only to learn that the local pet hospital has a wait time of over 2 hrs. They were expecting us to wait over two hours while our girl could not even breathe?? Another local pet clinic told us there would be an 80 "emergency" fee on top of whatever would be assessed during the exam, no thanks!"
    Janice V.
  • "I had been taking my dog to the Blue Cross because I heard that price wise, they were the best. After taking her there for about a year, I realized that I shouldn't base her care on which place is the cheapest, especially if that care is mediocre and always very crowded. It was a refreshing change bringing Snickers here because they were really professional and gave me the impression that they did want to provide the best care for my pet. Even over the phone, they sound very kind and professional. The facility was clean and they even have their own lab in the building. I have only been here once so far, but will make this my new permanent vet spot if the great level of care remains the same!"
    Sara L.
  • "First, I just want to start by thanking everyone who works at the Honolulu Pet Clinic. Every person and doctor who made sure that my concerns and worries were well warranted and treated my cat with the same respect you'd expect a person to be given.

    This clinic is clean; it is affordable, fair & honest. I came in a total wreck (I was so scared for my cat) and they were able to give a quick, yet detailed and thorough inspection; they were blunt, yet caring.

    It turns out my fur baby has asthma, but they had medication available for me and made sure that my cat got all the love I know she deserves. I was so thankful for this place!

    Highly recommend!"
    Chip V.
  • "Dr. Hsu and staff are helpful, informative, empathetic and positive. We trust the team with our two little ones. We have been coming to Honolulu Pet Clinic for over 15 years when it was Dr. Kondo.

    Emma loves to say hello to Patti at the front desk. They are welcoming, friendly and accommodating."
    Sean W.
  • "I have been coming here for over a year with my puppy that has a lot of problems to include severe allergic reactions. Dr. Hsu is very knowledgeable, caring and friendly and even makes himself available for emergencies which shows an outstanding level of care. Thanks for all your time and help."
    Rachael M.
  • "Dr. Hsu and staff are helpful, informative, empathetic and positive. We trust the team with our two little ones. We have been coming to Honolulu Pet Clinic for over 15 years when it was Dr. Kondo.

    Emma loves to say hello to Patti at the front desk. They are welcoming, friendly and accommodating."
    Sean W.
  • "Dr. Berett (unsure of spelling) was wonderful. She spoke to me like a peer and as someone who knows my pets well, which is, of course, invaluable information when trying to diagnose something that doesn't talk to you. Sadly, not all vets share her same respect for my understanding of what was going on with the animals and sometimes you can be left feeling in the dark and with a huge bill. She shared with me her thought processes as we brainstormed together what could be possible issues and possible solutions. It made spending the $850 much easier when I truly believed in everything she wanted to do and I understood why. And if there were things she couldn't answer or didn't know, she explained that as well and why. These are our furry children and we want to have a vet that is knowledgeable and respectful of both us and our babies. We've been to other vets recently without this same feeling of support. Will be coming here from now on!"
    Courtney F.
  • "My fur babies are my LIFE! and I'm very picky about their care. The Honolulu Pet Clinic treats you like family from your very first visit. I am visiting the island and was in a panic when my baby started acting weird. The clinic quickly had me come in, treated me and my ChiChi like family. The vet did a thorough exam and they did not try to charge me for unnecessary extras.
    I love this clinic and would highly recommend them to any fur parents out there."
    Marilyn P.
  • "Today was the first time I took my dog to the Honolulu pet clinic. Everyone there was really nice and professional. My dog needed a lot of preventive maintenance and I figured it was going to cost an arm and a leg. The doctor gave me many different options and I left there still having money in my pocket. I definitely recommend the Honolulu pet clinic."
    Chad S.
  • "Ed Hsu comfortably prolonged our kitty Lily's life by a year and a half beyond when anyone would've thought she could have lived she really wanted that extra time with us as we did with her. I don't know any vet who loves animals more. Well worth the investment."
    Jenn L.
  • "We have 5 pets ( 2 dogs and 3 pets) and we recently moved to Honolulu. 4 of the 5 are senior and 2 have ongoing veterinary treatment and care so it was important for us to establish care here on the island. We tried one very popular vet clinic in the neighborhood but we did not feel welcomed so we looked for another option. We called the Honolulu Pet clinic and the entire staff was great from the beginning to the end, very attentive on the phone and in person, we got same day appointment, they were efficient getting records from the mainland and the visit was very thorough. Dr. Barrett and her staff listened to our needs and were able to provide loving care and service to 2 of the most senior pets we took that day."
  • "Dr. Hsu & his staff are the best! As a first time fur mum, I need all the resources for my Bichon puppy. As a healthcare professional, I appreciate this establishment's dedication to delivering the best care to their patients. From scheduling to surgery, education to follow-up, routine care to individualized treatments, their service is unmatched. I'm so thankful for their collaborative work and integrated services that make my dog's visits convenient, comfortable, more importantly, safe. If you want a staff/place where excellence is practiced & state of the art technology goes hand in hand with compassionate care, this is it. Because our fur babies deserve nothing less."
    JG G.
  • "Today was the first time I took my dog to the Honolulu pet clinic. Everyone there was really nice and professional. My dog needed a lot of preventive maintenance and I figured it was going to cost an arm and a leg. The doctor gave me many different options and I left there still having money in my pocket. I definitely recommend the Honolulu pet clinic."
    Chad S.
  • "The Honolulu Pet Clinic has been my vet clinic since I adopted a cat from the Humane Society a few years ago and was a first-time pet owner. I really like going there; we've continued to bring our cat there even after moving out of the neighborhood. The front desk staff is friendly and it's just so apparent Dr. Hsu loves cats and is so knowledgeable about them. I never feel rushed in my appointments and can ask lots of questions without feeling silly or overprotective. The clinic is always clean, too, which is important. When I travel I board my cat there because I feel like he'll get careful attention in case anything happens while I'm away, which is good peace of mind. I feel really confident about recommending this clinic to other pet owners."
    Leah L.
  • "The best vet we've been too! The staff is always very friendly and helpful. Whenever I call, they are able to give me answers and will always call back if something needs to be looked up. Very flexible office, and they take walk ins."
    Scott S.
  • "I love being a client of this veterinary clinic. Everyone there was very nice when I took my dog in for a checkup, and Dr. Hsu seems like a great vet. I've had to call twice now during off hours, once when my dog ate some chocolate and another when I found a tick on her. He responded very quickly to my phone calls and was reassuring and informative, and didn't seem to mind that I'd bothered him during his evenings. Would definitely recommend!"
    B C.
  • "There aren’t enough good things to say about this business. The staff is unbelievably friendly, compassionate and professional. The veterinarian is probably the smartest person I have ever been around in my entire life. I appreciated how above and beyond he went to explain my dog’s unique condition and our options. He was respectful but very honest. We are so grateful and relieved that we chose this place above any other. 6 stars."
    Lauren E.
  • "Under new ownership. Dr Hsu is a very experienced and qualified veterinarian. Also, his staff is loving and kind. We recently moved from the Big Island and needed a new veterinary home. They welcomed us very graciously. They handled my cat as though he was the most precious animal in the world. (He is). And they called to follow up and see how he was doing. Very high marks!!"
    Sarah H.
  • "Dr. Hsu is an incredible veterinarian! Years ago we found a cancer tumor in my dog's spleen. Dr. Hsu immediately recommended the right course of action and performed the surgery to save his life. He is a talented surgeon, a brilliant vet, and a kind hearted soul. Dr. Hsu is the best vet in Honolulu!"
    Jennifer S.
  • "We brought our newest family member to the Honolulu Pet Clinic, and the care he received was compassionate and thorough! I very HIGHLY recommend the professionals at Honolulu Pet Clinic to anyone who wants to be certain, in their heart of hearts, that their four legged family member will be treated compassionately and professionally during a time that it matters most."
    Gregory M.
  • "Excellent care and concern. Have brought all of our six dogs to Dr Kondo and recently to Dr. Hsu as well. We trust the doctors and medical team completely. Their reception woman are always upbeat and helpful. Although we moved further away from their location, we would not dream of ever leaving The Honolulu Pet Clinic family."
    Marcia K.
  • "We cannot say enough good things about the staff at this clinic that helped us by immediately rushing Science Diet CD food for our cat who was prescribed this food by our Doctor Eric Jayne on Moloka'i. After repeated denials by other vets in Honolulu who insisted our cat be transported to their clinic. Dr. Ed Hsu, VMD at The Honolulu Pet Clinic rushed this necessary food to us on this small island. Dr. Hsu's staff's efforts and compassion for well being of our cat is greatly appreciated."
    Juliana P.
  • "Professional staff who were very friendly and thorough in processing me with my two 10-week old puppies. All explanations were clearly communicated. Dr. Hsu is kind and gentle, so wonderful with my new pups!"
    Leilani A.
  • "I have been taking my cats to this vet clinic for years! Ive been to many others prior (so gross smelling of urine and dirty) that were horrible, to finally having found this gem. Dr. Tsu really has a passion for animals and treats them like his own. Love the fact that he has 12 cats at home too!

    Office is very clean, staff awesome. They offer various pet food selections, flea meds., and others things like Feliway. Parking is a bit tight but every time I been here there is always a stall open. And the a.c. is very cold so bring your pet a blanket.

    They even walked me to the car with an umbrella when it was raining! If i could give 10 stars I would:)"
    Cynthia H.
  • "I am the proud owner of a true feral cat who never had a home until mine. She's been with me the last three years but it's been very hard to get her to the vet as a result of her background. I recently switched vets and went to Dr. Ed at HPC and am so grateful I did. He has done wonders with my baby in just one visit; prior to him , she had to be sedated at the old vet, to get her nails cut. Dr. Ed picked her up ,put her in his lap , and proceeded to cut all 20 nails in minutes. I now call him the cat whisperer :))... his entire staff at HPC is as awesome as he - from the front desk to the vet techs and everybody in between. These people are truly concerned with animals which is how a vet and his staff should be. My cat and I are eternally thankful to HPC"
    Michelle A.
  • "I googled for a veterinarian on a Saturday night when my dog wasn't doing well. I thought I might have to take her that night or at least on Sunday. This place is open 7 days a week!! How's that for being customer focused by providing access and convenience for the patients (and especially for their owners). I called Sunday morning and (no surprise) their appointments were full. We're not patients there but they said I could come down and they would fit us in between appointments if it was urgent. I was so grateful they offered that option when I needed that support. The doctors care and treatment of my aging dog has been great. Through some difficult conversations he's been wonderful. Couldn't ask for a better doctor to help me through this difficult part of my dogs journey."
  • "Today was my first time bringing my fur baby here! I already had such good vibes from this establishment when I called to first make an app and ask questions. Let's start off with the receptionist, wow just wow! When I think of customer service, I think of someone who is patient with customer questions, who is willing to find a solution, and someone who will do their best to accommodate you; that is exactly the experience I had with this vets receptionist. She even called me back and let me know I was able to come in earlier if I could! Which is awesome for a pet owner who is greatly concerned about her fur baby"
    Shannen W.
  • "I just brought my dog over from the Midwest and I noticed that he's been having some allergy symptoms. The reviews for The Honolulu Pet Clinic we're promising. They are open all day on Saturday/Sunday-which I really appreciate! Dr. Barrett did such a thorough job looking my dog over and going through his records. They started him on some medicine and even called to check up on him a few days later. You can tell that everyone who works there really cares about the animals-and humans-that they take care of."
    Kaitlin P.
  • "There are no 2 better and caring Doctors than Dr. Kondo and Dr. Hsu !!!!!! The Staff treats my Boo Boo like a Princess!!!! TOTAL LOVE!!!! There are no words I can say to explain how these people care for our children!!! Boo Boo and I Love the Honolulu Pet Clinic. They are part of our family!"
    Mark H.
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Welcome to The Honolulu Pet Clinic
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The Honolulu Pet Clinic Welcomes You


Aloha and Happy New Year from Dr. Hsu!

I am so grateful that Dr. and Mrs. Kondo have entrusted their life’s work to me and am even more grateful for the incredibly warm welcome from you, our clients and your beloved pets. Under the Kondo’s leadership, The Honolulu Pet Clinic became one of only eight Oahu veterinary practices accredited by the prestigious American Animal Hospital Association.

My goal is to honor and maintain the Kondos’ tradition of excellence while incorporating more emergency medicine and critical care, which I practiced for 15 years in Los Angeles before coming to Oahu. There is a very detailed list at the end of this letter, but the short of it is that in the past year we have invested in so much new medical and diagnostic technology that we have substantially improved our ability to care for your pets. Thanks to new instruments, diagnostic lab systems, emergency medical equipment and anesthesia machines, we can diagnose and heal your pet more quickly, safely and effectively than ever.

Additional staff has been hired to operate this new technology and to deliver this improved service. They are all excited to get to know you. To see our new staff photos and bios online, please go to our website at On the homepage, select “About Us” and then “Meet Our Team”. As with any change, we have also unfortunately lost some of the people you may have considered part of your pet’s ohana. We are thrilled that Dr. Kondo, however, is still with us! After one month of retirement, he missed his patients too much. Now he works Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So yes, a lot of change is underway. We hope that you will be as excited and delighted as we are. Please always feel free to contact me or our hospital administrator, Ms. Trilby Sheeser (my significant other), if you have any questions or concerns, comments or suggestions.

We sincerely thank you for the honor of caring for your beloved pets.

Warm regards,

Ed Hsu VMD

Now for that detailed list of changes:

AVAILABILTY and STAFFING: We are now open 8AM to 5PM seven days a week in order to provide more convenient as well as consistent and continuous care. There is now a night technician who provides care and monitoring for boarding and hospitalized patients from approximately 9PM to 1AM every night. That extra monitoring, walk or litter check in the middle of the night makes a difference vs. being left alone for up to 15 hours when the clinic is otherwise closed.

EMERGENCY MEDICINE/CRITICAL CARE: We now take emergency phone calls 24/7. (Call 808-988-2188, seven days per week for emergencies overnight, from 5pm until 8am.) The Honolulu Pet Clinic is proud to offer a state of the art Snyder ICU Oxygen unit capable of providing oxygen with environmental control for pets in need of oxygen support. Short of a ventilator, this is the best method of providing oxygen support available. This unit is ideal for treating pneumonia, heart failure, COPD, asthma, heat stroke or even just for help with post-op surgical recovery.

SERVICE/PATIENT CARE: While it may be a bit more contact then you are used to, we have instituted a process where we follow up with everyone within 24-48 hours of every office visit or procedure to make sure things are going well, that nothing was missed, no adverse reactions need to be addressed, and to take care of any new questions or concerns you might have. We will also be calling with all lab results, whether negative or positive, instead of only if there is a problem. This eliminates the risk of a test result being missed.

BOARDING: In order for your pets to have the least stressful, most comfortable and fun accommodations while they are under our care, we have made several changes. Air conditioning runs throughout the clinic and boarding areas 24/7. We added a night shift from 9pm to 1am so pets get a last walk, treat, litter check, etc. New dog runs are coming soon, but we have already upgraded our cat cages to beautiful new, modern cat condos. These condos provide more room, ledges for your cat to lie on and jump to and from, and separate areas for water, food and litter away from sleeping space. When space allows, we can even give your cat more than one cat condo for extra space to enjoy.

DIAGNOSTICS: Not only do we already have a complete state of the art IDEXX ProCyte and Catalyst analyzer capable of providing in-house CBC, chemistry, thyroid, fructosamine (diabetes monitoring) and cortisol (Cushing’s and Addison’s disease monitoring), we are the first clinic in Hawaii to have the IDEXX Sedivue urinalysis system. This means we don’t lose precious time or risk degrading a sample by sending urine samples to the mainland for results.

We also have the latest blood coagulation analyzer, the Insight Labs Veterinary Coagulation Analyzer. It is capable of checking coagulation times (PT/PTT) with just a drop of blood vs. the older models that required venipuncture and a larger volume of blood. This is important because, in the case of bleeding disorders, the less blood taken (without actual venipuncture), the safer it is for your pet.

With our own ultrasound machine, we never miss a cystocentesis, which is a way to collect a sterile urine sample by pulling urine directly from the bladder using a needle. This means more comfort for your pet since we don’t have to make repeated needle sticks searching in vain for the bladder.

With our ultrasound, we can also visualize obvious bladder masses, crystals or stones, quickly detect free abdominal or thoracic fluid, pericardial effusion, obstructions, etc. in house. Although we are not radiologists capable of performing full ultrasounds, it is very helpful to be able to produce an immediate result with our own basic ultrasonography rather than waiting up to several weeks to see the one radiologist on island. With time and practice, we hope to be able to offer more complete ultrasonography in the future.

DIAGNOSTICS/TECHNOLOGY FOR PROBLEMS OF THE NOSE AND EAR: We now have multiple Storz scopes with working channels small enough for cat and small dog nasal passages. This means we can visualize, biopsy and remove foreign bodies from the smallest of passages. We can also examine the deeper ear canal and more readily remove polyps, foreign objects or deeply packed waxy debris. Most importantly, we even have scopes tiny enough to visualize a kitten urethra in case of a life-threatening urinary obstruction. This happened to a sweet boy kitty named Carrot, who lives at our clinic. Carrot and his siblings Mac and Cheese are up for adoption. For photos, go to and select “Adoptions!”.

LASER TECHNOLOGY: We now have the latest Companion K-laser available for surgery as well as palliative care after surgery. We are especially excited to use the laser to help pets in pain. It will also aid in the healing of soft tissue injuries and chronic arthritis.

SURGICAL: We have decreased the spay and neuter prices to make these procedures more affordable. The packages are all inclusive for your pet’s safety, which is our number one priority. All patients receive pre-anesthetic bloodwork, IV catheter and IV fluids during the procedure, intubation, dedicated anesthesia monitoring, pain medications and antibiotics as needed post op. Rechecks or revisions in case of complications (so long as proper after care is followed) are covered.

IMPROVED ANESTHESIA: We also have available a sevoflurane gas anesthetic machine with oxygen concentrator. While much more expensive than traditional isoflurane, it can provide for smoother induction and recovery from anesthesia. The oxygen concentrator ensures that, as long as there is electricity, we will never run out of anesthesia. Furthermore, for all surgical procedures we now have a dedicated technician to monitor anesthesia continuously. This means safer surgery for your pet since any problem can be detected immediately.

Our vet team is delighted to welcome you to the official website for The Honolulu Pet Clinic, your comprehensive animal care resource in Honolulu HI. We are committed to providing our patients with a lifetime of optimal health and wellness through our skilled, compassionate veterinary care services, equipment and techniques. For 30 years, our staff has been providing excellent care to the furry companions in Honolulu. We're confident that once you get to know us and experience our dedication to your pet's well-being, you'll rely on us as your trusted veterinary advisors for many years to come.

The Right Veterinarians for Your Furry Family Members

The Honolulu Pet Clinic was founded on veterinary excellence, a tradition we maintain to this day. Founding veterinarian Dr. Roger Kondo originally set the standard, devoting decades of skill and expertise to establishing our sterling reputation. This has helped us earn an AAHA Accreditation as well!

As of 2016, Dr. Ed Hsu assumed ownership of our clinic. Dr. Kondo, Dr. Hsu and Dr. Barrett continue to provide a mix of skill, experience, insight and compassion that our patients and their owners truly appreciate. Each veterinarian, and every member of our staff, has a genuine love for animals and a desire to help pets like yours experience their best health.

Comprehensive Vet Services for All Needs and Situations

A pet's life goes through many stages and challenges, from the vulnerability of those first few weeks of life to the different set of challenges faced during the senior years. Our animal care team responds to this wide range of needs with an equally wide range of services. We can offer:

  • Preventative care - We provide preventative wellness services for puppies/kittens, adult animals and senior pets, from vaccinations and pest prevention to routine dental checkups and cleanings.
  • In-house diagnostics and pharmacy - Our advanced in-house diagnostic techniques and technologies include digital X-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy and electrocardiography to provide fast, accurate insights into your pet's condition. We also maintain an in-house pharmacy for your pet's medication needs.
  • Emergency care - Bring your veterinary emergency to us anytime during our normal office hours. You can reach us at (808) 988-2188 after 5:00pm for your emergency needs as well! We can treat lacerations, fractures, poisoning, digestive crises, bloats and foreign body ingestion, heat stroke and many other life-and-death scenarios.
  • Surgery - Our surgical skills can resolve internal organ problems, treat cancer, extract a diseased tooth, ensure a healthy birth, sexually sterilize your pet and more.
  • Support services - We offer services such as behavioral counseling and boarding to help support your pet's quality of life.
  • At The Honolulu Pet Clinic, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.
  • Dr. Ed Hsu
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  • Ed Hsu, VMD
    The Honolulu Pet Clinic welcomes Dr. Ed Hsu. Dr. Hsu is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and also earned a M.P.H from the School of Public Health from the University of California, Los Angeles with a concentration on Tropical & Infectious Diseases & Parasitology. He completed an internship at the Sacramento Animal Medical Group with every intention of continuing in general practice, but the lure of emergency medicine was too much to ignore. After having worked as an emergency/critical care veterinarian at many of the premier specialty and referral practices in Los Angeles over the last 15 years, he is returning to general practice with the purchase of The Honolulu Pet Clinic. Known for his fondness for Pomeranians, lop eared bunnies and polydactyl cats, when not caring for his patients, Dr. Hsu may be found paddle boarding, SCUBA diving, riding his motorcycle, trying to work his way through a 10,000 DVD movie collection or spending time with his 2 dogs and 9 cats.

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