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Toxic Ingestion/Poison

Toxic Ingestion Treatment Offered By Our Honolulu Veterinarian

toxic ingestion

Toxic ingestion or poisoning is one of the most common pet emergencies we see at The Honolulu Pet Clinic. Dogs and cats will eat just about anything that draws their interest, which includes a wide variety of dangerous substances, both indoors and out. If your pet is suffering from vomiting or diarrhea that won't stop, or if it's suddenly laying around and not wanting to move, it's important for you to contact our office right away so our team can evaluate your dog or cat for treatment.

Poison in the Environment

It's impossible to make your home completely safe and free from toxins for your pet, so it's important for you to watch your cat or dog around things that might act as a poison in its system. Our veterinarian team warns about some of the most common household toxins, including:

  • Insecticides and rodent poison
  • Antifreeze
  • Human medicine
  • Plants such as philodendron, poinsettia, tulips, lilies, and foxglove
  • Household cleaners like disinfectants and bleach
  • Human foods such as chocolate, garlic, onions, grapes and raisins, and yeast dough

If You Suspect Toxic Ingestion

If you've seen your pet eat or drink something toxic, or if it's exhibiting some of the most common poisoning symptoms like heavy breathing, drooling, staggering, stomach upset, or lethargy, call our office immediately. We'll want to know what your animal has ingested, if you know it, plus details about your pet such as its size and weight. Our veterinary team will advise you on steps to take before bringing your pet into our office.

Once your pet is here, our goal will be to neutralize the toxin to prevent it from creating further damage in your pet's body. We have a variety of emergency treatments we rely on, depending on the substance ingested and the pet's size and physical condition. The key is always to get your pet into a veterinarian as soon as possible. We have an emergency phone number for after hours calls; please use it if your pet ingests a toxin after our office is closed.

Looking for an Emergency Veterinarian in Honolulu?

It can be frightening dealing with a poison emergency with your pet, but our caring, professional team has the experience to help your pet along the road back to health. If you suspect toxic ingestion during office hours, call us at (808) 593-9336. If it happens after 5 PM, call our emergency veterinary line at (808) 988 - 2188.