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Surgery at Our Honolulu Hawaii Vet Center

The prospect of surgery is an understandably intimidating one, whether you're considering it for yourself or for your beloved pet. That's why you should turn to the diverse skills and deep experience of the veterinary surgeons here at The Honolulu Pet Clinic. Our vet team combines these qualities with our brand of compassionate care to help your pet enjoy optimal results from this procedure.

Pet Surgery at Honolulu Pet Clinic

A Variety of Surgical Services and Techniques

You can rely on The Honolulu Pet Clinic for many different kinds of surgery. Our surgical services and techniques include:

  • Cat/Dog Spaying and Neutering - We perform spay and neuter surgery for both cats and dogs. These procedures are urgently recommended, not just because they help control the overall pet population, but also because they help safeguard your furry friend against reproductive diseases (including deadly cancers) and hormone-fueled misbehaviors that might lead to danger.
  • Emergency Surgery - When your pet needs lifesaving surgery, you need The Honolulu Pet Clinic. We can relieve bloat, extract ingested objects, remove urinary stones or other internal blockages, stop profuse bleeding and perform emergency C-sections.
  • Dental Surgery - Humans aren't the only one who occasionally need dental surgery. For instance, we may extract a damaged or deteriorated tooth that is subject to constant pain and infection. We can also perform surgery to remove oral cancers.
  • Orthopedic Surgery - Orthopedic surgery involves the repair, replacement or modification of joints, although it can also include complex fracture surgeries. Your veterinarian can reshape knee or hip joints to compensate for ruptured ligaments or dysplasia. We may also recommend surgery to relieve severe arthritis pain and stiffness.
  • Internal and External Surgery - If we detect a suspicious lump on your pet's skin or a mass inside your pet's body, surgery may be advised. We can remove the tissue and perform a biopsy to see whether it is cancerous, in which case we can administer additional care. Our vet team can also repair injured organs or modify abnormal structures within the body.

Top-Quality Care From Your Honolulu Veterinarian

Your beloved pet is in skilled hands when you schedule veterinary surgery with one of our Honolulu veterinarians at our clinic (Dr. Ed Hsu, Dr. Melanie Pearson, Dr. Rodger Kondo). We always perform extensive evaluations beforehand to make sure your pet is a good candidate for the surgery in question, while the surgery itself is performed under carefully-administered, closely-monitored anesthesia. Following the surgery, we will help you as well as your pet by advising you on how to administer medications and watch for signs of post-operative issues.

Call The Honolulu Pet Clinic to Schedule Surgery

We know you don't take the subject of pet surgery lightly -- and neither do we. But you'll rest a lot easier knowing that you've made a wise choice for your pet's well being by coming to The Honolulu Pet Clinic. Call (808) 593-9336 to schedule pet surgery or learn more about our surgical services!