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Spay and Neuter FAQs

Spay & Neuter FAQs From The Honolulu Pet Clinic

If you have a dog or cat, and they have not yet gone through the Spay & Neuter process, it is likely you have some questions about the procedure ahead. The first step you need to undertake is to make an appointment at The Honolulu Pet Clinic to meet with our veterinarian. Our vet will discuss spaying and neutering during a consultation examination with your pet. Here are some frequently asked questions about spaying and neutering to read over to help you understand the importance of these procedures and the benefits you and your pet will obtain by having one of them conducted.

dog being examined by a veterinarian

What Is The Spaying And Neutering Process?

When a pet is spayed or neutered, its reproductive organs are removed from the body. This will stop the possibility of the pet becoming pregnant or getting another animal pregnant. The procedure is conducted in a surgical setting at our animal hospital. General anesthesia will be administered so that your pet is not aware of the process being conducted and so no pain is experienced during the surgery.

What Are the Benefits Of The Spay & Neuter Process?

The main reason for spaying and neutering is to avoid having unwanted kittens or puppies. There are however a few other advantages to having this procedure conducted for a pet. When a cat or dog is spayed or neutered, some reproductive cancers are no longer a risk. Many people find that their pet will no longer display poor behavioral actions after being spayed or neutered. Cats will no longer yowl and try to get outside to mate. Dogs may no longer show signs of aggressive behavior. Cats that marked their territory with urine may stop this process altogether after being altered.

When Should A Pet Be Spayed Or Neutered?

A pet can be spayed or neutered at any time during its life. However, it is best to do this process at a young age if possible. This will reduce the chance of reproductive cancers in the pet and they will be more likely to be healthy enough to endure the surgery at a younger age. Our vet will conduct an examination of your pet before scheduling their spay or neuter appointment to ensure your pet is not suffering from any medical conditions that would make a surgical procedure risky in any way.

Call The Honolulu Pet Clinic Today!

If you are ready to have your dog or cat go through the Spay & Neuter process, simply contact The Honolulu Pet Clinic in Honolulu to make an appointment for a consultation and examination appointment with our veterinarian. Contact our practice today at (808) 593-9336 to schedule an exam or to ask us questions about surgeries.