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Puppy/Kitty Healthy Start Exam

Puppy and Kitty Exams

Kittens and puppies are born with immunity from their parents, however they begin to lose this immunity after they are 6 weeks old. This is the age that we recommend starting puppy/kitty health start exam and vaccinations. This will help to immunize your pets against bacteria, viruses, and health risks.

In addition to vaccinations, we also provide physical exams for puppies and kittens ensuring they are in the best of health for most optimal start to their lives. Each exam includes a thorough inspection of your pet’s eyes, teeth, and ear canals. We also listen to the heart and check joint palpation. In addition, all pets will be checked for intestinal parasites to protect them from worms and other infections.

Ensure the Health of Your Puppy or Kitty

Your puppy or kitty depends on your love and commitment to keep them safe especially during their first months of life. By taking them to the veterinarian during their early weeks of life, you can give them the best start possible. When you meet with the veterinarian, you can discuss a wide range of different health concerns including grooming, diet, house training, flea control, socialization, and heartworm prevention.