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Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations from Your Honolulu Veterinarian

Pet vaccinations are one of the most important tools you have to protect your pet's health long term. When you visit your veterinarian in our Honolulu office, we'll answer each one of your questions about vaccinations including why they are beneficial and what you can expect. Pet vaccinations performed at The Honolulu Pet Clinic are safe for pets and should be a priority for any pet owner.

Kitten Vaccine

Why Does a Pet Need Vaccinations?

Like humans, pets are at risk for a variety of illnesses including various life-threatening conditions. If they do not receive vaccinations, their body must fight off these illnesses with little to no help. Vaccinations are safe doses of weakened ailments or other formulas that work to strengthen your pet's immune system so that if he or she becomes infected, their body can fight the illness. Pets, like humans, need vaccinations to remain healthy.

Which Vaccinations Does a Cat or Kitten Need?

Bring your cat or kitten in to see your veterinarian as a first step. We'll establish some basics and create a plan for vaccinations. The most important feline vaccinations include the following:

  • Feline Distemper and Upper Respiratory – This vaccination is a four-in-one product. It works to protect against most high-risk illnesses.
  • Rabies Vaccinations – All cats and kittens need to have this vaccination. Contracting rabies without it, which is not uncommon, is fatal without vaccinations. Rabies is also a fatal condition when it infects humans.
  • Feline Leukemia – This is another high-risk disease that can infect cats and kittens. It is nearly always fatal if the pet isn't vaccinated.

Which Vaccinations Does a Dog or Puppy Need?

Dogs need to have a variety of vaccinations even if they remain indoors. The following are the most common vaccinations considered requirements. Your veterinary office may recommend others.

  • Distemper and Parvo combination – This vaccination protects from several illnesses, all of which are commonly fatal.
  • Bordetella – This condition, also known as kennel cough, is a highly contagious disease. This disease often causes serious upper respiratory illness that often worsens to pneumonia. The vaccine doesn't eliminate the risk but significantly reduces it.
  • Rabies – Rabies vaccinations are necessary for all dogs and puppies. As noted previously, this is a life-threatening condition without a cure.

Other Vaccinations Your Veterinary Office Requires

State laws, as well as many veterinary offices, encourage additional vaccinations because they can significantly reduce the risk of illness. Additionally, most vaccinations in pets need to be done during their early life and then again as the animal gets older. Boosters are common but are often done during your pet's annual visit with his or her veterinarian.

Schedule Pet Vaccinations with Your Veterinary Office in Honolulu Today

The Honolulu Pet Clinic is happy to help you with any pet vaccinations. Call our Honolulu office today to schedule an appointment. Our veterinary team can help you to get your pet caught up on vaccinations. Call (808) 593-9336.