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Pet Neutering

Pet Neutering from our Honolulu Veterinarian

Neutering is a procedure performed on male dogs and cats to prevent them from impregnating unspayed dogs and cats. A safe and very effective method for reducing the pet population, neutering also reduces the risk of health and behavioral problems common to unneutered cats and dogs. When you bring your pet to our Honolulu veterinary clinic for a neutering procedure, you can be assured he will be treated with loving care and monitored closely throughout the surgery by experienced vet technicians.

Pet Neutering

Why Should You Neuter Your Male Pet?

Neutered cats and dogs are less aggressive, calmer and less likely to roam since their testosterone levels are significantly reduced. Unneutered dogs and cats will roam for miles if they smell the pheromones of a female cat or dog in heat. Unneutered cats and dogs experience anxiety and stress if they detect females in heat simply because of the instinctual urge to mate. This agitation they feel contributes to aggressive, irrational behavior that may lead to male cats and dogs fighting over females in heat.

Training a dog to obey commands is much easier if you have him neutered by your Honolulu veterinarian. Neutering not only improves the dog's ability to concentrate and remember commands but also makes him less resistant to training techniques. Without being distracted by pheromones or the smell of another dog's testosterone, your dog remains more focused so that teaching commands takes less time and effort.

Neutered cats and dogs also enjoy better health with reduced levels of testosterone in their bodies. When you decide to neuter or dog or cat, you are decreasing his risk of suffering testicular tumors, hernias, kidney disease, perianal tumors and prostate problems as he ages.

Also be aware that the notion neutering makes your pet gain weight is a myth. Weight gain in pets is caused by the same reasons people gain weight--eating too much, eating high-calorie foods and not exercising enough.

How are Male Pets Neutered?

Your Honolulu veterinarian will make a small incision to remove a dog's testicles in his scrotum. This incision is closed using dissolvable stitches. Removal of a male cat's testicles is performed the same way, except the incision is not sealed because it is so small and will close naturally. Recovery following neutering surgery is almost always uncomplicated and quick. However, your vet will want to keep your pet overnight for observation.

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If your male cat or dog is at least six to eight months old, call The Honolulu Pet Clinic today to schedule a neuter appointment: (808) 593-9336.