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Pet Dermatology FAQs

Much like people, pets can develop irritating skin problems. If you notice your pet incessantly scratching, biting or chewing on his skin, chances are he has dermatology issues. At The Honolulu Pet Clinic, we have ample experience dealing with feline and canine dermatology problems. The following FAQs compiled by our clinic can help you learn more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of skin problems in your pet.

pet dermatology faq

What Are Common Symptoms Of Skin Problems?

One of the first symptoms you’ll notice is nonstop scratching. All pets scratch themselves from time to time. With skin issues, however, pets will scratch themselves raw in the area that’s irritating them so much. This could lead to fur loss, open wounds or infection. Your pet may also lick, bite or chew on their skin.

On close inspection, you may see that your pet’s skin is red, bumpy or swollen. They may have a rash, dry, scaly skin or open wounds. If fleas or lice are the cause of itching, you may detect these pests on your pet’s fur.

What Skin Problems Are Common To Dogs And Cats?

Skin irritations, “hot spots”, rash, flea bites, fur loss, and dry, flakey skin are some of the most common dermatology problems in pets. In mild cases, the problem may last a few days and subside on its own. In serious cases, your pet’s scratching and chewing can cause open wounds and infections that can lead to other health issues. Your best bet is to notify your Honolulu vet at the first sign of irritation so your pet can get treatment.

What Causes Skin Problems in Pets?

Like people, pets are susceptible to allergies which can cause skin problems. Your pet may be allergic to something in their environment or a grooming product they are using. Chemicals in household cleaners, certain ingredients in food and flea bites can trigger pet allergies, causing dermatology issues. Your pet may also have an undetected health problem that’s manifesting itself on their skin.

Don’t wait for a rash or irritation to become infected before seeing your vet. A visit to our clinic early on for diagnosis and treatment can save your pet pain and suffering.  

How Do Vets Treat Dermatology Problems In Pets?

If allergies are causing skin issues, we’ll test your pet to determine what he’s allergic to so you can eliminate the food or substance from their environment. We can also prescribe topical ointments or oral medications to treat the problem. If fleas or parasites are the cause, we’ll administer proper treatment to rid your pet of these pests.

Visit Your Honolulu Vet for Pet Skin Problems

For diagnosis and treatment of dermatology issues with your pet, contact The Honolulu Pet Clinic at 808-593-9336.