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Pet Dermatology

The Honolulu Pet Clinic Offers Pet Dermatology Care

Pets sometimes develop skin eruptions that can be sudden, intermittent or chronic. Your veterinarians can diagnose and treat these problems, so your pet can be more comfortable. At The Honolulu Pet Clinic in Honolulu, HI, we can provide dermatology care for pet skin problems.

small dog being examined by their veterinarian

Skin Irritation

Both cats and dogs can suffer from minor skin irritations from grooming products, outside environmental substances or indoor cleaning products. Some animals are more sensitive to skin problems than others. Skin irritation can result from excessive dryness due to indoor heating or nutritional deficiency. A cat can experience skin irritation from excessive grooming when they feeling stressed. These issues should be brought to your vet’s attention for advice and treatment.

Hair Loss

Owners find it very disturbing when a pet begins to lose significant amounts of hair. The cause may be an underlying disorder, severe allergy or other problem. Your veterinarian in Honolulu can help find the cause of the issue and determine the right treatment to help your pet re-grow a normal coat.


Rashes are a common problem in cats and dogs. They can appear suddenly and may progress to open sores or infections. Rashes can be caused by bacteria, a virus or a fungus, and may cause severe itching, scratching, redness and hair loss. The vet can determine the exact source of the problem through testing.

Allergy Reactions

Allergies in animals can also be expressed as a skin problem. An allergen can be from an outside source, such as grass, pollen or weeds. An allergen can also be caused by foods the animal ingests, and an exclusion diet, feeding only one food at a time to see what causes a rash reaction, may be necessary to find the offending substance. Scratch tests are also available to help the vet determine the source of the allergy.

Make The Honolulu Pet Clinic Your Veterinarian For Dermatology For Your Pet

Dr. Hsu, Dr. Kondo, and Dr. Barrett use their extensive training in veterinary medicine to help patients in Honolulu, HI maintain good health at every stage of life. We offer wellness exams, sick animal care, surgery, diagnostic services, pharmacy services, microchipping and acupuncture for pain management. We even have an after-hours phone number for your pet emergencies. Call The Honolulu Pet Clinic today at 808-593-9336 for an appointment to discuss your pet’s skin problem and learn about current treatments that can help.