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Pet Dental FAQs

The Honolulu Pet Clinic Answers Your Pet Dental Care FAQs

The idea of dental care for your pet may be a new concept for many pet owners. However, as with people, poor dental health can affect general health and can even lead to other types of health problems. At The Honolulu Pet Clinic in Honolulu, HI, we can help your pet maintain good dental health throughout life. Here are a few questions patients ask about pet dental care.

dog receiving a dental cleaning

Why Is Dental Care Is Important For Pet Health?

Good dental care can help your pet keep their teeth throughout their lives, so they can eat comfortably and get good nutrition that sustains good health. In addition, bacteria that grow on teeth can migrate to other organs in the body and can lead to disease, so keeping teeth clean can help to support good general health.

Your Veterinarian Can Provide Dental Screening

Your veterinarian in Honolulu will do a dental screening as part of your pet’s routine exam. The vet will look for any obvious malformations of the teeth, retained baby teeth, damaged teeth, decay and signs of plaque deposits on teeth that can lead to gum disease and tooth loss. You may be asked questions about the type of food your pet eats and whether you brush the animal’s teeth regularly.

What Are Some Common Pet Dental Problems Veterinarians Encounter?

Veterinarians often must deal with broken teeth from accidents or from chewing very hard objects. Decaying of teeth can occur, when a damaged tooth begins to grow bacteria that damage the structure of a tooth. Daily consumption of food causes deposits on teeth that can harden and loosen teeth at the gum line, leading to tooth loss. These problems can all be resolved with veterinary attention.

What Dental Care Can the Vet Provide For My Pet’s Teeth?

In addition to dental examinations, your vet can provide extraction of broken or decayed teeth, antibiotics for mouth or tooth infections and removal of plaque and tartar that leads to tooth loss. Your pet will eat more comfortably and enjoy better overall health. The veterinarian can also advise you on products that are safe to use for pets dental care.

Make The Honolulu Pet Clinic Your Veterinarian For Your Pet’s Dental Care

Dr. Hsu, Dr. Kondo and Dr. Barrett are veterinary professionals who use their many years of experience in caring for patients in Honolulu, HI and nearby communities. We offer a full range of services, including vaccinations, exams, dental care, diagnostics surgery, treatment of chronic diseases and boarding for pets. Call The Honolulu Pet Clinic today at 808-593-9336 for an appointment to have your pet’s teeth checked and to learn about caring for his or her teeth to maintain good health.