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Pet Dental

Pet Dental Treatment with Your Honolulu Veterinarian

As with humans, keeping pets happy and healthy requires a combination of efforts. Dental health is an extremely important aspect of your pet’s health care because problems such as periodontal disease can be an indication or a result of other health issues. With regular pet dental care, veterinarians have the opportunity to detect problems early on, before they become bigger health concerns. Taking your pets for regular teeth cleanings and examinations will also help to reduce their anxiety during visits because they eventually get used to the routine and know what to expect.

Dental Care Can Lengthen your Pet's Life

Our qualified veterinarian at the Honolulu Pet Clinic believes in clean teeth. Some actions you can take to clean your pet's teeth clean are regular brushing, dental diets and even Greenies treats.  If your cat or dog has a large amount of plaque build up and is developing gum disease, one of the only ways to get your pet's teeth back to optimal health is an anesthetized dental cleaning. In some extreme cases, teeth extractions may be necessary. Visit Dr. Hsu at the Honolulu Pet Clinic today for a comprehensive pet dental exam.

Pet Dental

What Types of Things Will a Veterinarian Be Able to Screen For?

During a pet dental exam, your vet or board-certified veterinary dentist typically look for certain tell-tale signs of periodontal or gum disease. Detecting problems require the use of anesthesia to clean and examine below the gumline where most problems tend to originate. Anesthesia has a calming effect on your pet and helps to protect veterinarians and vet techs from any bites or scratches that might result from your pet’s fearful reaction to being held still for the duration of the necessary deep cleaning.

Possible Issues That Should Be Addressed With a Pet Dental Exam

On average pet dental exams should take place at least once a year in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Signs that you should take your pet in sooner than their scheduled visit include bleeding gums, broken teeth, bad breath, reduced appetite, swelling or bleeding around the mouth and abnormal chewing. Early detection of dental diseases is critical because left unattended, they can not only be extremely painful for your pet but they can also cause more serious conditions that may affect the liver, heart and kidneys.

Common Pet Dental Problems

Your pets may exhibit signs of periodontal disease as early as 3 years old. This is a common pet condition that typically starts with plaque on the teeth, which eventually turns into tartar. This problem is easy to solve with regular cleanings as long as the tartar is above the gumline. In order for your pet to receive a more thorough cleaning, going below the gumline is necessary, as this will help to prevent infections that could damage the jawbone. In addition to periodontal disease, pets can suffer from some of the same dental problems as humans such as infected teeth, fractured jaws, cleft palates and misalignment of the teeth.

The Honolulu Pet Clinic’s Recommended Dental Products

  • OraVet Chews
  • OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel
  • T/D treats
  • CET Chews
  • CET Toothpaste Kit

Schedule an Appointment with Your Honolulu Veterinarian

Again, the best defense against tooth problems and diseases is to get regular preventative care for your pets. At The Honolulu Pet Clinic, Dr. Ed Hsu and the entire staff understand the most important health maintenance needs -- and risks -- for your pet. From regular cleanings, thorough exams and pet-specific advice, we make sure our pet owners have all the information and support necessary to get their pets the proper care and treatments they need on an ongoing basis. We are proud to be of service in helping your pet maintain good oral health for as long as possible.