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Pet Allergy FAQs

Allergy FAQs From The Honolulu Pet Clinic

If you think your cat or dog is displaying signs of an Allergy, finding them relief promptly is a concern you are likely to have. Making an appointment with The Honolulu Pet Clinic is an available option. Our vet will conduct an assessment of your pet's symptoms and provide appropriate treatment to relieve discomfort as needed. Here are some frequently asked questions about pet allergies to read over including how our veterinarian can help if your pet is suffering from this type of condition.

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How Do Animals Get Allergies?

Pets can get allergies in the same manner that humans do. If a pet comes into contact with something it is allergic to, symptoms will start as the body attempts to rid itself of the invading trigger. Food allergies often cause digestive problems or a skin rash. Chemical reactions can cause trouble with the skin or the respiratory system of a pet. Some pets are allergic to surroundings in the environment, such as dust, trees, or pollen. If a pet is known to have an allergy, it is best to avoid the triggering substance to keep symptoms at bay.

How Is An Allergic Reaction Diagnosed?

It is best to monitor your pet's actions if they seem to have allergic reactions on a frequent basis. Keeping tabs on the foods you feed to your pet as well as the chemicals they come into contact with daily can help you determine if they are suffering from an allergic reaction at any given time. If you suspect an allergic reaction is taking place, make note of the atmosphere, any food your pet had recently eaten, and ay potential agents your pet came into contact with before the reaction started. This information can be helpful when you bring your pet to our vet for an assessment.

How Can Our Vet Help If An Allergic Reaction Occurs?

It is best to bring your pet to our establishment to meet with our Vet any time an allergic reaction is suspected. Our veterinarian will then be able to assess the symptoms being shown and may be able to pinpoint the cause for their occurrence. In many cases, medication will be helpful in stopping an allergic reaction from escalating. Our vet will know what type of medication to prescribe, as well as the right dosage for the type of pet you have. Our practice can also provide the convenience of test your pet to determine whether particular actions or items are causing reactions to happen.

Call Our Vet Today!

If your pet needs medical assistance, contact The Honolulu Pet Clinic. Our Vet is ready to assist with Allergy treatment as needed. Call us today at (808) 593-9336 to find out more.