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For Pet Emergencies
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(808) 988-2188

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New Patient Center for The Honolulu Pet Clinic

Pets need to see the vet at least once annually for a wellness exam and booster shots. At The Honolulu Pet Clinic, we provide a range of services for pets of Honolulu. Whether you're seeking a wellness exam, surgical services, dental cleanings or another form of treatment, the professionals at The Honolulu Pet Clinic can help.


Proud to Be Your Pet's Veterinarian in Oahu

We strive to offer the best care to pets big and small in Honolulu. As one of 8 AAHA accredited veterinarian hospitals in Oahu, we're a full service veterinary hospital that strives to provide all the services that your pet might need from birth through end of life.

Your Source for Emergency Veterinary Care in Honolulu

We offer more than scheduled appointments and standard medical treatment. For pets experiencing medical emergencies, whether that's an injury, ingestion of a toxin or a serious illness, we can help. Our state of the art equipment and skilled veterinarians can help your pet get the care he or she needs in order to make a recovery.

We know that not all emergencies happen within normal business hours. That's why we offer after hours emergency services to patients, so that pet owners in our area know they have somewhere to turn for help. If your pet is having an emergency after 5 p.m., call us at 808-988-2188.

Services and Animal Care in Honolulu

We offer a range of animal care services to help our pet patients stay healthy!

  • Surgery. Our surgical services include spaying and neutering, treatment for diseases and chronic conditions, and care for injuries. With our modern surgical facilities and fully licensed, trained veterinarian, we help patients recover from their conditions.
  • Wellness exam. Wellness exams are important for catching medical conditions in their early stages. During our wellness exams, we check your pet's skin, coat, eyes, ears, teeth, breathing and heart beat.
  • Dental exam. Dental exams help us catch periodontal disease in its early stages. We'll examine and clean your pet's teeth, and if we determine that your pet has a cavity or needs to have a tooth extracted, we'll make recommendations for further care.
  • Boarding. Our pet boarding services give pets a place to go when pet owners leave town.
  • Behavioral counseling. Good behavior is important for keeping your pet safe And for strengthening your relationship with your pet. We offer behavioral counseling to help pets learn socially acceptable behavior.
  • Vaccines. Vaccines help pets avoid serious illnesses and fatal diseases. We help pet owners by determining which vaccines are right for their pets, and we remind them when shots and boosters are due.

Contact Your Pet's Veterinarian in Honolulu

As your pet's veterinarian in Honolulu, we provide services for cats and dogs in our community. We offer preventative care and emergency care! To find out more about making an appointment for your pet in Honolulu, contact us today at (808) 593-9336.