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Contact Our Honolulu Vet Team at (808) 593-9336 For Comprehensive, Cost-Effective, And Compassionate Pet Care!

**For animal related emergencies after 5pm you can call us at (808) 988 - 2188**


Dr. Ed Hsu and his friendly staff at The Honolulu Pet Clinic are proud to be one of the area's finest veterinary hospitals, including 1 of only 9 on the island that is accredited by the prestigious American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). If you're a pet owner in Honolulu and are looking for someone you can trust with your pet care needs, then read on to learn more about our services--or go ahead and contact us today!

We Offer A Wide Range Of Veterinary Services In Honolulu

Our vet team offers a wide range of veterinary services that are fully customizable to meet your animal's needs. Whether you've got puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, and other small animals, The Honolulu Pet Clinic has got you covered throughout every stage of your pet's life:

  • Routine Pet Wellness Exams : Taking your pet in for an annual pet wellness exam is the best way to prevent disease, ensure your pet is at a healthy weight, and improve the chances of early detection and treatment of any potential disease, which can significantly improve the outcomes for your pet--and save you money in the long run.
  • Pet Vaccinations : Vaccines protect your pet from many diseases, including rabies, kennel cough, and distemper. Our vet staff will take all the time needed to help you understand which vaccinations your pet needs, and when to provide them.
  • Spay & Neuter : Sterilizing your dog or cat is good for your animal--and the community, and is a safe, simple, and affordable procedure.
  • Pet Surgery : Our highly experienced and skilled veterinary surgery team can offer digital X-ray to aide in surgical services. We offer pet surgery to help our beloved animal patients recover from a variety of conditions, including bone fractures, injuries from car accidents, getting paws stuck in elevators, injuries from dog and cat fights, bloating from overeating, poisoning from accidental ingestion of toxic foods, plants, drugs, and/or insects.
  • Pet Dental Services : The health of your animal's gums and teeth has a dramatic impact on it's overall health and longevity. Our pet dental staff offers dental cleanings, teeth extractions, and other services for various pet dental conditions (including teeth abscess, periodontal disease, and general tartar build-up).
  • Pet Microchipping : By having your pet microchipped with our Honolulu vet team, you dramatically increase your chances of reconnecting with your animal if it goes missing.
  • Pet Emergency Services : Having an after-hours pet emergency? Save our emergency number to your phone now - (808) 988-2188 - so that you'll be prepared in a time of urgent need!

Are You Looking For A Honolulu Veterinarian To Entrust With Your Pet Care Needs? Visit Honolulu Pet Clinic Today

Led by Honolulu veterinarian Dr. Hsu, our Hawaiian pet clinic is one of the island's premier animal hospitals, offering full and comprehensive vet services to pet owners and their animal companions from the surrounding area. If you'd like to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, call The Honolulu Pet Clinic today at (808) 593-9336 .

The Honolulu Pet Clinic

1115 Young St.
Honolulu, HI 96814

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