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Conditions We Treat

The Honolulu Pet Clinic Treats Many Pet Conditions

Even healthy pets can develop veterinary conditions that require experienced, professional care. When these issues occur, your veterinarian can provide diagnosis, treatment, and advice to help your pet live a longer, more active life. At The Honolulu Pet Clinic in Honolulu, HI, we routinely treat a range of common pet health problems.


Pets may develop skin problems due to environmental factors, allergies, or parasites. We can help get to the bottom of the problem, with effective treatments that will help your pet be more comfortable.

Dental Problems

Broken teeth, decayed teeth, and gum disease can make your pet irritable and distressed. We can help with teeth cleaning, extraction, and treatment of gum problems, so your pet can get proper nutrition throughout life.

Parasite Prevention & Treatment

We can help you prevent flea & tick problems, treat intestinal parasites, and prevent heartworm disease, a condition caused by the bite of a mosquito. Your vet can provide important information and treatment to help keep your pet parasite-free.

Pet Arthritis

Both cats and dogs can experience the wear and tear on bones and cartilage that leads to arthritis. With proper medication, supplements, and exercise, we can help your pet stay active and free of discomfort.

Orthopedic Problems

Animals may receive injuries to the bones or joints that require surgery or other types of care to help them regain function. We can provide help for cruciate ligament tears, subluxations of the patella, and related issues.


Like people, dogs and cats can develop diabetes, a condition in which insufficient insulin is available to remove glucose from the body. Your veterinarian can provide medication, owner education, and monitoring to maintain your pet’s health.

Heart, Kidney, and Liver Disorders

Animals sometimes develop heart, kidney, or liver problems that can make them very sick. Our veterinarians can provide diagnosis and treatment to manage these conditions.

Senior Pet Care

Senior animals need special care, regarding nutrition, exercise, and maintaining normal mobility. We can provide the intensive monitoring senior pets need to stay healthy and happy.

Make the Honolulu Pet Clinic Your Animal Hospital in Honolulu

The veterinarians and staff at The Honolulu Pet Clinic are committed to providing quality care for all their patients in Honolulu, HI. We offer many services for pets, including vaccinations, spay & neuter surgery, microchipping, allergy care, and boarding. Call The Honolulu Pet Clinic today at 808-593-9336 for an appointment to have your pet examined and to learn about the many services we provide to help maintain good health.