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  • Pet Boarding FAQ
    Pet Boarding FAQ Pet boarding is very common for a number of reasons. Let's take a quick look at frequently asked pet boarding questions and their answers.  Why is it Read more
  • The Importance of Pet Dental Care
    Pet Dental Care From Your Honolulu VeterinarianThe health and wellness of your beloved pet family members wouldn't be complete without proper pet dental care. That's why our veterinary staff here at The Honolulu Read more
  • Know the Importance of Pet Microchipping
    Pet Microchipping at The Honolulu Pet ClinicThe prospect of finding a lost pet is daunting. But, pet microchipping by our Honolulu veterinarian improves the odds of success significantly. Here at The Honolulu Read more
  • Know the Importance of Pet Vaccinations
    Pet Vaccines from our Honolulu Veterinarian Vaccinations are a critical part of preventative health care for pets. Proper vaccinations keep your pet protected from serious diseases. There are recommended core vaccinations for both dogs Read more
  • Why You Need to Eliminate Fleas and Ticks
    Eliminating Fleas and Ticks at The Honolulu Pet Clinic Fleas and ticks are more than just an annoyance that makes your pet miserable. If these external parasites are not treated, they can lead Read more
  • ​Reasons to Neuter
    Reasons to Neuter Here at the Honolulu Pet Clinic, the overarching goal of the veterinarians and staff is to ensure your pet’s health and happiness. We value each animal that comes through the door, Read more
  • Reasons To Spay Your Pet
    Pet Spaying from your Honolulu VeterinarianAt The Honolulu Pet Clinic, we offer services to spay your pet. When you decide to spay your female pet, you're taking an important step to Read more
  • Common Pet Surgeries
    When Your Pet Needs Surgery, Count on The Honolulu Pet ClinicAlthough the thought of pet surgery makes many pet owners anxious, our Honolulu vet will only recommend pet surgery in cases where the Read more
  • Cat Dental Care
    Cat Dental Care at The Honolulu Pet Clinic in Honolulu!Cats are excellent groomers that always like to keep themselves clean, with fur and paws very tidy--but what about their teeth? Your pet Read more
  • Looking to Adopt? Meet Tia!
    The staff at Honolulu Pet Clinic are happy to introduce Tia! She is 4.5 years old and is looking for her forever home!She is a loving companion that loves to Read more
  • Meet Cooper and His Guardian!
    Cooper is a THPC client who is almost 2 years old. He works with the Humane Society as part of their anti-bullying campaign by going to visit elementary and Read more
  • Meet Donovan
    Donovan has been diagnosed as having mega esophagus. He needs to sit upright for his meals and to drink water. He then has to stay upright for a prescribed number Read more