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Adult and Senior Wellness Care

Adult Dogs

Adult dogs see the veterinarian two times a year in order to receive immunizations, physical exams, heartworms, and fecal checks. Each physical exam involves a complete exam of the ear canal, eyes, teeth, heart, joints, and skin.

We are proud to provide adult and senior care wellness exams to ensure the best health for your adult dogs. The physical exam highlights the importance of adult dogs having good dental hygiene and maintaining the best weight for the ongoing health of your pet.

Adult cats

Adult cats see the veterinarian once every year for a physical examination as well as immunizations. The exam also includes checks for intestinal parasites and fecal checks to keep your cat protected against infestations.

We provide weight management services for your adult cat ensuring they are at a healthy weight for their age. In many cases, adults cats are subject to heart disease and diabetes and we provide ongoing care for these ailments as well as dental care including oral rinses, brushing, and diet.

We will also check your cat's weight and make sure they are free from heart disease and diabetes. If needed, we will provide dental care in the form of oral rinses, brushing, and diet.

Ensure the health of your adult dog or cat

Your adult dog or cat has many needs as they get older and require screening for diseases that become more common as they age. Dogs will be examined for hormonal changes, diabetes, heart and kidney disease, and arthritis. We also focus on the best dental hygiene and diet care for your cat and dogs